Damned By Distraction

(originally posted 8/22/2015 at littlegirlriseup.blogspot.com)

God is speaking and moving and the majority of those who claim to be Christians are completely oblivious. Far too many of us are consumed with distraction. Our lives are “too busy” for God. We have too much going on in our lives, our days are full of turmoil– whether it be our schedules, our jobs, relationships children– whatever our day-to-day distractions may consist of.

My sisters and brothers in Christ, let me speak this word of truth to you……. we will NEVER “have time” for God until we start MAKING TIME for Him. That is truth. You can stand on it, you can wrestle with it, you can meditate on it, but you’re eventually gonna have to own it or you will have wasted your entire life exactly like your enemy wanted you to— distracted and consumed with your own kingdom rather than God’s.

People say, “But I don’t hear God.” In this late hour, in such a prophetic time as this, if someone doesn’t hear God, then they simply aren’t listening. Besides, how could someone possibly hear God if they never take time out of their day to pray and listen? We “hear” God in our spirit when we spend intimate prayer time with HIm. Those of God’s kingdom who are listening, are hearing the same things over and over…”Get right with Me”…”Prepare your hearts and minds”…”Spend time with Me”…”Read My Word, study My Word, know My Word, because without it YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT THROUGH WHAT IS COMING.” God isn’t speaking to most of those who are listening about specific dates or details because He is more concerned with the condition of our hearts.

Despite what the world would like us to think, God is much less concerned about our happiness than He is with our salvation and right-standing with Him. Now is the time for all of mankind to know and understand that, if given the choice, God would rather us die unhappy and saved than blissful and unsaved. Jesus said, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” (Matt 16:26) Read also 1 Corinthians 5:1-5, where we see that God would rather deliver one of His sheep unto an early death rather than allow them to continue in sin and lead the whole flock astray.

God ain’t playing around. The Christian Church, as a whole, has completely lost touch with the reality of how serious God is about sin and righteousness. The Christian Church, as a whole, has completely lost touch with the fact that we are called to “come out of this world and be separate.” (2 Cor 6:17). If we live our life in such a way in which there is not much that separates us from the rest of the world, we make a mockery of God.  When the people of God make a mockery of Him, He has a history of responding personally, and needless to say, life is forever changed on the day of that little visit.