Fundie Fanatic

(originally posted 7/17/2015 at

I just read an article that called me a religious fanatic. Well, not me personally, but me as a person. Apparently I am a religious fanatic because I am what is referred to as a “fundamentalist Christian.” So what, exactly, is a “fundamentalist” Christian? From what I have found, a fundamentalist Christian is basically…uh…a “real” Christian. You know, one that believes the Bible is true and inspired by the Holy Spirit. One who also believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ and that He was born of a virgin, that He died for our sins and that He will physically return a second time. In essence, a fundamentalist is someone who adheres to the basic tenets (aka “fundamentals”) of their faith. Therefore a fundamentalist Christian is someone who holds to the essentials of the Christian faith. Essentials, by its very definition, which would be the beliefs that are actually NECESSARY to truly define yourself as a Christian. That is the real definition of a fundamentalist Christian.

However, the media’s definition of a fundamentalist Christian is apparently a person who is a snake-handler that wants to enforce a state religion and blow up things, or at least hold picket signs that say they want to blow up something. Nobody wants to be lumped with that crazy crowd, so what has happened? Well, fundamentalist Christians have sought to distance themselves from fundamentalism, and what did that do? It turned them into the very thing that the fundamentalist movement tried to distance itself from in the first place— politically correct instead of Biblically correct, liberal, and humanistic— all three of which put man before God. And that’s no bueno.