I Shall Have No Other Gods But Me

(originally posted 10/14/2015 at littlegirlriseup.blogspot.com)

I met a friend for lunch the other day and decided to bring up the issue of salvation with her once again. While we were chatting, waiting for our check, I asked her if she ever thought about where we go after we die. She said no, not really. She said she would either go to heaven and see her family or go “down there” and party. She said everyone has their own understanding of God, that God can be expressed in different ways for different people.  Then I told her that Jesus said He was the only way. The interesting thing is, she didn’t argue with me when I said that, but she did say, “Well, that’s what works for you.”

The problem is, that’s not what “works” for me. Jesus doesn’t “work for me,” I work for Jesus. I am being transformed to fit into Jesus’ paradigm, I am not trying to transform Him to fit into mine (2 Cor 3:18 & 5:17).

The fact is, we live in an age in which most people have no idea Who Jesus or God really is. We live in age in which people try to change God to fit into their life, instead of changing their life to fit God. We live in an age in which most people have created their own version of God, their version being whatever works best for them. For most people, their version of God resides in their own imagination which means, in essence, people have become their own “god”. This is idolatry. When your “version” of God is anything other than the One Who has been revealed to us in the Bible, you are committing idolatry. How many people have replaced the One True God with themselves and they don’t even realize it?