Jesus Argued

(originally posted 7/2/2015 at

As I pondered the direction we are headed as a nation and the weariness of arguing with people that has begun to beset my soul, I began to ponder the ministry of Christ.

There are spiritual gifts listed at 1 Cor 12:8, 1 Cor 12:28, Eph 4:7 and Rom 12:3. Some are motivational gifts, some are ministerial gifts, and some are manifestation gifts, but all are gifts of the Holy Spirit to effect balance and unity within the Body of Christ. The motivational gifts are our “operative gifts.”  Meaning, as we mature in Christ, our motivational (or operative) gift is used to develop the ministerial and manifestation gifts. There are 7 operative/motivational gifts recognized as being endowed to those walking with Christ and filled with His Spirit: Service, Teaching, Giving, Exhortation, Prophet, Leadership and Mercy. I encourage anyone serious about their walk with Christ to discover their spiritual gift and grow in it to better serve the Body of Christ. God revealed my spiritual gift to me three years ago and it changed my life. I remember wondering if I could pick a different one, you know, one that seemed a little easier and more comfortable, but it doesn’t work like that. Like I tell my own kids, “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” My spiritual gift catapulted me out of my comfort zone while simultaneously forcing me to confront my own personal flaws…not easy, nor comfortable, but necessary.

As I pondered Christ’s ministry, the first thing the Holy Spirit brought to my attention was that Jesus is the only human being who has ever possessed all the spiritual gifts and executed them with perfection. This was comforting to me because we will all fail at one time or another in our desire to serve God. The other thing that the Holy Spirit brought to my attention is that Jesus also spent much of His ministry arguing with people. This is because one of those operative/motivational gifts absolutely compels you to stand up for God’s Word, regardless of the cost or circumstance. For all intents and purposes, it is that particular gift that ultimately led to Jesus’ death because He walked the earth during a time in which truth was perverted and people hated Him for speaking it.

Yes, Jesus was and is merciful, He served, He gave, He exhorted, but He also taught, He led and was the ultimate prophet of truth. I imagine His frustration at arguing right versus wrong on topics that were self-evident and obvious. I am comforted that often Jesus’ argument–“It is written…”, was the same as my own– “Because the Bible says so.”  I imagine a lot of the time we are told that Jesus departed to go and pray, He prayed to be delivered from His frustration and to not grow weary. I am comforted by the likelihood that my Savior prayed the very same things I pray for myself. 

Jesus never quit arguing for truth, He never let His weariness and frustration overcome Him, and neither should we.