Walking The Tightrope

(originally posted 9/19/2015 at littlegirlriseup.blogspot.com)

A famous tight rope walker walked across a large drop with many people watching and cheering. He asked after crossing, “How many people believe that I can carry someone across this chasm?”
The crowd cheered, “We do!” they said emphatically.
He then asked, “Who wants to be the one that I carry across?”
The crowd was silent.

There is a difference between believing in Christ versus having genuine faith in Him and living your life accordingly. The devil believes in Christ insomuch as Who He is and what was accomplished by His death on the cross.
Yall hear what I’m sayin’?
Even the devil is aware of Christ’s authority and His victory over death and sin. Even the devil believes Jesus existed and is the Son of God sent to the world for the remission of the sins of mankind.  So what’s the difference between us and the devil? Submission.
We BELIEVE and have faith that we are saved by Christ, but we also SUBMIT to Him as Lord of our lives. For far too long I believed I was saved by Christ, but had never submitted to Him as Lord over my life. I had no problem believing I was saved, it was the surrendering part that took me a while to get around to.

“Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who care nothing for their life in this world will keep it for eternity.” (John 12:25)